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Melanie Zappone


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Melanie, a NJ licensed Real Estate Professional who has been a full-time Jersey Shore resident for 20+ years and has 22+ years of sales and marketing experience. She began her sales career after graduating from Rowan University in 2000. Her sales background includes start-up VOIP dialer systems and is skilled in team building and marketing analytics. She was integral in creating the system that currently sends reverse 911 and emergency notification calls from OEM and FEMA directors. In 2007 Melanie had twins and took a break from corporate work to enjoy motherhood and write a book, which is currently available on Amazon. In 2012, Melanie began brand architecture to create custom websites, social media, and marketing for small businesses and Real Estate agents. Melanie became a licensed agent in 2014. Working as an agent and Director of Marketing for a team at Berkshire Hathaway. However, with the onset of COVID, Melanie shifted to focus on her own career and family which led her to Keller Williams Jersey Shore. While at KWJS she worked on a team and eventually took a leadership role as Market Center Technology Trainer and Director of Agent Services. When not in the office, Melanie can often be found on a beach behind a camera. She is an avid surf photographer and loves to travel and spend time with her family in the sand. Driven by a passion to help people find the best version of themselves, Melanie began training as an energy healer in 2016 and is now a Reiki Master Practioner and Crystal Reiki Master Teacher. Taking this new position with Jersey Living is like coming home. Getting back to the basics. Her role at Jersey Living is just beginning and she is excited for the growth and expansion of the team and brand.

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