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Roxana Pelin



Meet Roxana, a versatile entrepreneur with a deep-rooted passion for the hospitality industry. Born in Romania, her journey has taken her from academic excellence and international scholarships to becoming a successful vacation rental owner, real estate agent, and an ardent advocate for customer satisfaction.

Roxana’s pursuit of knowledge led her to earn a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Hospitality. Her outstanding academic achievements were recognized through university scholarships, including the prestigious General Electric Foundation scholarship, which opened doors for her to study in Spain.
Driven by her love for hospitality and design, Roxana ventured into the vacation rental industry as an owner and manager. Her passion for interior design shines through as she personally curates and designs each vacation rental, creating unique and inviting spaces for guests.

In 2017, Roxana obtained a real estate license, expanding her portfolio of services to include assisting clients in buying, selling, and renting properties. Her fluency in multiple languages fosters seamless communication and allows her to connect with a diverse clientele.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Roxana nurtures a love for travel and photography, capturing the beauty of the world through her lens as an amateur photographer. In addition to her professional achievements, Roxana finds fulfillment in her family life, being happily married and raising her 2 children. She also has a deep passion for animals and shares her life with multiple beloved pets.

Roxana’s innate ability to listen and engage in meaningful conversations sets her apart. Her dedication to customer satisfaction is unwavering, as she strives to create memorable experiences and exceed expectations for everyone she serves.

Roxana’s journey embodies the spirit of a multifaceted entrepreneur. With her expertise in hospitality, real estate, interior design, and her love for travel and animals, she continues to make a positive impact. Roxana’s commitment to customer satisfaction and her ability to connect with others make her a true gem in the industry.

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