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Experience Joy Through
Real Estate

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for all and make it easier for people to experience moments of joy through real estate. We provide unparalleled service and a seamless [real good] real estate experience.

What started as a one-man team led by Noah Ostroff in 2010 has become a full-service organization known as PhillyLiving, with 30+ agents, property managers, and an experienced in-house operations group that supports all types of real estate transactions. In 2014, Noah launched JerseyLiving, which has since come under the leadership of agent, Andrew Mascieri. Most recently in 2020, a new division of PhillyLiving called PhillyLiving Management Group was formed to expand the business in the area of property management for both Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Authenticity Isn’t Always Synonymous With Real Estate

We’re here to challenge that idea in everything we do. Being real for the sake of being good. Being good at what we do because we really care about the people we help. Being the people who you want to work with and work for, because it feels really good. We’re here to prove how real, and more importantly, really good a team can be.

We’ll be real with you. We don’t look at what we do as a series of single transactions and monetary exchanges. Because it’s not. It’s a lifestyle. It’s about partnering with people for life, to make life better at every possible opportunity.

Let’s Make Good Happen